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Periodic Physics

The Fourth Stage of Physics


Oded Bar-On


Modern Physics insightfully solved difficulties that Classical Physics encountered.  When applied to the entire universe, however, Modern Physics loses its "magic".  Modern Physics’ Standard Model of particle physics is also far from being satisfying.  These are clear indications that Modern Physics is a simplification of a more general theory.  A proposal for that more general theory, the fourth stage of physics, is introduced here.


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Part III: Six-Dimensional Universe

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Particle PhysicsInternal-Mode Model

Some Main Features

·    Einstein’s Relativity is a simplification (and in two respects a distortion) of Time-Asymmetric Relativity. Einstein’s Relativity is useful only in a limited domain, and is fundamentally misleading when applied to the entire universe.




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·      In addition to the familiar invariant-rate time, there also flows a variant-rate time; the speed of light with respect to the variant-rate time is the fundamental variant of Nature. The variant speed of light, not the expansion of the universe, is the key for deciphering the cosmological riddle.

·       The cosmological red shift indicates that with respect to planet Earth the variant speed of light, along the observable past, has been monotonously decreasing.

·       The cosmological background radiation was emitted from our solar system; due to the way photons’ wave-functions evolve it survived unabsorbed, and is coming back from the longest possible voyage


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in converging ellipsoidal superpositions.

·       The continuous evolution of the variant speed of light, which is monotonous for extremely large intervals, is ultimately directionally periodic. The periodic evolution helps to provide dark night sky at the decreasing phase, and recycles heavy nuclei back to hydrogen at the increasing phase (glowing nebulas experience this phase).

·      Each of the four fundamental quantities (length, time, mass, and charge) is a complementary pair of two different quantities; one quantity is characteristically a variant quantity and the other quantity is characteristically an invariant quantity.

·      Gravitational mass is an invariant quantity; it is positive for massive matter, negative for massive antimatter, and vanishes for photons.


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Gravitational influence is instantaneous; the magnitude of length-dependent gravitation is inversely proportional to the squared modulus of the invariant distance of the affecting event from the affected event. The gravitational simultaneity, which is essentially different from the familiar (electric) simultaneity, is controlled and determined such that the ultimately static structure of the cosmos is maintained. Regions of matter and regions of antimatter are evenly distributed; the gravitational repulsion between matter and antimatter is crucial for the maintenance of the universe.

·       The

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continuum in which world-lines lie is three-dimensional; there exists an

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unobservable orthogonal universe where this unobservable three-dimensional continuum is stationary and observable. The world-lines of the unobservable

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matter lie in our spatial continuum.

·      Space-time singularities never occur. In gravitationally collapsing stars physical matter is converted to its orthogonal form. The physical matter which has been converted in the unobservable universe appears in the observable universe as cosmic rays.

·      The physical information on quantum particles is coded in six-dimensional vector fields, which are known as wave functions.

·      All the empirically known sub-atomic particles are different compositions of five fundamental fermions (up-quark, electron, electron-neutrino, muon-neutrino, tau-neutrino) and of their five antiparticles.



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Gravitation and electricity operate at two modes: the length-dependent mode and the internal mode.

·        Each participant in an internal-mode interaction is charged with variant charge (the variant charge, like the variant-rate time, is not known to Modern Physics). The independent variables, on which interactions at the internal mode depend, are the variant charges of the participants.


"The problems that we have created cannot be solved at the level of thinking that created them."

- Albert Einstein


“Most people, including those at ease with problems of the greatest complexity, can seldom accept even the simplest and most obvious truth, if it is such as would oblige them to admit the falsity of conclusions which they have delighted in explaining to colleagues, which they have proudly taught to others, and which they have woven thread by thread into the fabric of their lives.”

- Leo Tolstoy